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February 2016

Customer Engagement Marketing: A New Strategy for Today’s Economy

Marketing strategy has shifted over the years from mass marketing to targeted marketing to today’s strategy of Customer Engagement Marketing (CEM), the process of creating and delivering timely, personalized messages to prospects and customers.

Yet most of today’s big brands are still working with the strategy of ‘carpet bombing’ their prospects with a single message. Some have advanced to target marketing select prospects and customers based on very broad parameters, but such a strategy, while preferable to simple mass marketing, still misses the mark.

With 90% of marketers seeing individualization as the future of marketing – moving beyond segmentation to true one-to-one personalization in a real-time context, how do you move the needle from simple targeted marketing strategies to implementing an effective Customer Engagement Marketing strategy?


Here are 5 tips to effectively begin to transition your marketing efforts to customer engagement marketing.

#1: One-to-one personalization needs to take place

To convert someone who might buy one time into a valuable, loyal, long-time customer, it’s best to create message streams tied to very specific buyer personas in order to create an emotional response that drives them to take action.

#2: Know what your buyers want

To understand what your buyers want, first look at their behaviors, not just their demographics.  How are they interacting with your brand?  What topics or products are they engaging with? You can even take this primary behavioral data to the next level by tying third party data into it, creating a more in-depth persona of each buyer group.  By managing the customer experience to understand the issues that drive different buyer behavior, you can deliver specific messages, images and call-to-actions that yield the highest returns.

#3: Operate an integrated, multichannel customer service strategy

The market today is looking for customer engagement marketing – an integrated process that combines the traditional elements of direct marketing and customer contact centers, including data analytics, campaign management, e-commerce and fulfillment, to deliver relevant, personalized and timely customer interactions across all channels. The goal is to create one-to-one customer experiences at every touch point, with every single communication in a seamless fashion

#4: Advance personalization using your data

Buyer personas and messages are developed with enhanced data analytics using internal and external sources, appending behavioural data with traditional demographics to much more closely define ‘who you are’.  You are not just married. You’re married and have children of a certain age; live in a particular area of the country; and have specific purchasing and online behaviors.

#5: Build loyal customers with one-to-one conversations

Customers want personalization, in fact, 74% of online consumers get frustrated when content is not personalized to their interests. With customer engagement marketing, personalized marketing techniques are used to maximize results, and enable you to turn a stranger into a long-time, loyal customer. What’s important is to get above the clutter of the hundreds of communications that people receive every day and to create and deliver the right messages that are personal, relevant, convenient and actionable. Customer engagement marketing is just that – the process of personalized marketing.


Article courtesy – Business 2 Community by Peter Schmitt

How marketing tools are evolving with ever changing market place

We have seen Advertising & Marketing evolve through the years. If we were to trace back the origins – the earliest forms of advertising was word-of-mouth. Communication was commonly created on papyrus in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Commercial advertising done through wall or rock paintings go back to 4000 BC. This has been found in many parts of India, Africa and South America too

Printing technology came into being in the 15th and 16th centuries. Handbills were used as a form of advertising then. In the beginning of the 17th century, newspaper advertisements were mainly used for printed books and medicines in England. By the 19th century, classified advertisements became recognized in the United States for promoting a variety of goods. First with TV, followed by Cable TV, and now with the development of Internet the very face of advertising has changed.

The primary focus of the advertisements is to get the audience’s attention which requires no engagement from them. Commercial advertisers often want to generate increased consumption of their products or services through ‘Branding’, which involves the repetition of an image or product name in an effort to associate certain qualities with the brand in the minds of consumers.

Marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to reach consumers as there are multiple channels and media sources coupled with increase in competitors. Globalization has led to people, products and ideas moving around the world with fewer restrictions thus creating a system of global integration. Due to which media habits are scattered as there are multiple choices to keep your informed & entertained. Today, there is a need to connect with consumers and engage with them, right where they spend maximum time of their day.


Engagement as we know creates a bond with the consumer. That is a crucial element mass advertising is missing out on. Engagement should happen where the customer spends more time – it can be online or a place they frequent. Activations, Road-shows, Events, Exhibitions, Demo, Consultation or just sampling are some forms of Consumer Engagement. Connect with them where they spend time – Malls, Schools, Universities, Hi-streets, In-store or Online.


Benefits of customer engagement include understanding customer needs and expectations, discovering factors that encourage customer involvement, implementing measures to prevent defection, increasing customer retention & conversion, identifying upsell opportunities, acquiring new customers through word of mouth marketing and most importantly enhancing brand loyalty and company reputation.



Author: Ganesh Iyer

FLC turns brand new

Innovate + Integrate = Growth. That has always been our mantra and continues to be even in 2016, as we embark on a new journey with our new brand identity.

A change in our brand identity was long overdue as we have evolved over the last 8 years from a simple Marketing services company to a multi-faceted agency with our 4 verticals – Marketing, Events, Models and Digital.

We needed an identity that reflects our offerings, progress and team strengths. An identity that is more current, modern and relevant.

Since our humble start in 2009, we have been blessed to have worked with corporates, marketers, brand managers and our clients who have fuelled our growth.

Who would have believed 8 years ago, a new start up with no initial capital or investor support could reach to become one of the representative marketing agencies in the region? Our current client portfolio is a reflection of our passion, work culture, team work, dedication and above all a commitment to delivery. Since our inception, the team has conceptualized, planned and executed 500+ campaigns for 50+ brands across the GCC for leading brands in FMCG, Fashion, Electronics & Consumer Goods, Automobiles, Tobacco & Beverages, Finance, Retail and more.

Our vision is, “To be the No. 1 choice of Talents, Clients and Partners”. Our mission is, “To be the most innovative, fun loving, trustworthy and productive marketing, events, models and digital agency.  We aim to provide our clients with a level of service that always surpasses their expectations.  FLC represents the ideal business partner for clients eager to increase profitability by maximizing the impact of their marketing communications. Our new identity is a reflection of this core commitment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have been associated, supported, trusted and partnered with us in our journey. We invite you all again to join us in our new journey.

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