When you say Fashion we think of Milan, Paris, New York and now Dubai? Well believe it or not the UAE is getting recognized to be a Fashion Hub of the Middle East from local to international designers showcasing their new collections on numerous runways and fashion video. But despite the rapid growth as previously mentioned in my last post, we have to admit we are not on that international level as yet. Why is that you ask? Or more like what can we do as agencies to fast track the work flow and to have an efficient process in place? Here are a few points that will definitely improve the industry and bring it closer to the international level we are aiming to attain:

  • The limited amount of training courses in the region is something that we need to focus on as having good models and talents is what makes an agency top of its game. As agents we should be open to molding and educating a model / talent to his/her full potential. While there are a few courses and training for models they mostly concentrate on how to walk and pose well which is not enough. Giving them proper insight of how the industry works, the challenges of having a modeling career, It’s not all Glitz and Glam. Yes this maybe what we see on stage or screen but what really goes on behind the curtains no one really tells you. Hence I believe teaching them teamwork, punctuality and having a proactive attitude is essential. Let’s teach them that there is always tomorrow if today didn’t go well and that hard work and a positive attitude will take them anywhere.
  • Having an agreement between agencies to set specific guidelines or a courtesy code that can help enhance the industry as well as creating a bond. It can be as simple as organizing a quarterly meeting to review what can be improved in the industry that will be beneficial to all in the long run.
  • Proper street and University castings is also something that we are not fully focusing on. Which is surely a miss, because there are those so called diamonds in the rough, we just have to go out there and dig. Let’s take Cindy Crawford for example, she was pollinating corn on a farm in Illinois when a local newspaper photographer snapped her picture. The response to the photo was so overwhelmingly positive that it gave Crawford the confidence to enter John Casablanca’s “Look of the Year Contest,”.
  • Having and supporting diversity of models and talents opens the doors of true change in the market. We should break the stereotypes that is the “Modeling World”. A given example is the H&M Close the Loop fashion video that came out just last year the brand executed the video with such a fresh out take on fashion by having seniors, mixed races, sizes, gender and subculture inspired models. But isn’t this the definition of Fashion? Breaking all the rules, objectifying the status quo. Let’s embrace the new, the unusual and the round pegs in squares holes.


Author: Adriana Usvat