Are your New Year resolutions of keeping fit already fading away? Do you blame time, cost and your busy schedule for your being lazy? Constantly having to come up with ways to keep fitness interesting, fun, and challenging can be hard and time-consuming.

Let us try and look into the ways in which we can start working out in a fun way.

First things first, before doing anything it is important to discover what your passion is as well as set your goals. These two elements define us as ‎a person and set us apart from others.

Even in the case of fitness and workouts, these 2 elements are not to be ignored.

Goals: What would be the end result? What you would want to achieve if there were no barriers. It is very important to understand your goal. Do you want to lose weight, prevent illness or just be healthier? Do you want to get stronger or more flexible or boost your cardiovascular fitness?

Passion: The second question‎ you should ask yourself is what your passion is? What sport do you like and what kind of training you would want to do. Do you like experimenting or would you rather stick with the same routine every day. I prefer experimenting with the kind of sports I do. It is important to understand what makes you tick as you will do it better if you like what you do. Intrinsic motivation is crucial when it comes to achieving the goals you have stated. Fitness without passion and purpose will limit the person from reaching his or her full potential.

To set expectations straight, even with distinct goals and passion, there are always sacrifices and efforts to be put in order to achieve your fitness goals. There is however pay off along the way and always the satisfaction received is higher than the effort itself.

Below are few tips you can use to kick start your workout regimen in a fun way:

1) Mix it up: One way of making workouts fun is to join a fitness club which holds a combination of workouts throughout the week. This way you could try yoga on a specific day and kick-boxing on another day. This also gives scope to learn something new to keep things interesting.

2) Get a partner/friend: Working out with your friends/colleagues or a group of people you like hanging out with is a fun way to remain fit and have fun at the same time. You can lose your motivation easily if you plan to work out alone.

3) Sign up for an event: If you sign up for an event like a Triathlon, you will train out of compulsion because you do not want to get humiliated in front of others. If you are consistent enough you can train, race and feel proud when you cross the finish line.

4) Party with your inner athlete: Not everyone considers themselves an athlete, but that’s why we all have to find out what it is that makes us one. For some, that’s running, for others its yoga, and for others it’s dancing around the apartment to techno. It should go without saying, but finding the sport/class/activity that you like will make it easier to stick with your exercise plans.

While doing all of the above always remember that nutrition plays a very important role. You will be unable to achieve your goals, unless your body receives the right nutrition. As with physical activity, making small changes in your diet can go a long way, and it’s easier than you think!

Let’s start the strong and healthy road together!


Author: Adriana Usvat