Are you an entrepreneur who spends several 18-hour days behind your computer or have worked throughout the night until the sun came back up? Do you walk around wearing whatever you could grab from your closet, while writing an email?

In today’s scenario most entrepreneurs don’t make it to the gym or adopt a fitness plan. The reasons could include lack of time, high cost and fees of gyms, lethargy and initial soreness after working out among other reasons. And a lot do not dress up well. This can be because of the time and cost factor. I am writing this article because it is extremely important that entrepreneurs look after themselves and dress up well.

Fitness has multiple benefits including improving self-discipline, increasing capacity for self-sacrifice, lowering stress and anxiety levels and giving enough energy throughout the day. The best reason entrepreneurs should be hitting the gym is because it can exceedingly improve their ability to focus. Exercise has positive effects on a person’s brain, mood and energy levels, which all contribute to greater focus and productivity.

If you are a slim person, you might have already come into the conclusion that you are fit and healthy by default. You want to have a relaxing evening rather than hit the gym.

Well think again. You might be slim but your core will become weak after sitting on a chair during meetings and in front of your computer for almost 18 hours in a day. You will understand this the first time you decide to take the step and finally hit the gym. After you take the first step, there is a long journey in which the slim becomes fit and strong. And then the strong becomes even more confident, while the journey goes on.

Fitness and style, the two absolutely go together.

If you are fit, you should also dress fashionably. Wherever you go, people in your vicinity are always looking at what you are wearing. If you dress smart you feel more confident. When you are more confident, more people will want to create meaningful relationships with you. As an entrepreneur, being in style is also important because people make certain assumptions based on the way you are dressed. The assumptions include your qualification, career success and professional competency.

Both fitness and fashion are parts of a complete entrepreneur who would ideally possess other soft skills and hard skills.


Author: Adriana Usvat