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September 2016

Icy Vending Machine

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Caffe Americano with milk is a new item from Starbucks that’s being introduced to London’s public with a dynamic ice sculpture installation in Waterloo Station.

As well as being intriguing to look at, the two-meter ice wall also boasts an interactive component: commuters passing through the station are able to insert a token into the icy vending machine, which will dispense a sample of the chilled Caffe Americano with milk. This exchange makes it easy for a commuter to try the new beverage on the go, without having to go out of their way when traveling through the station. Communicating the convenience of the new chilled classics product is essential to this installation, especially as the drink will be sold at grocery and convenience stores.

This icy installation perfectly capitalizes on the popularity of alternative vending machines and experiential activations that consumers are responding with enthusiasm to.


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Immersive Fashion Installation

Immersive Fashion Installations

In a collaboration with the luxury travel brand MCM, British designer Christopher Raeburn created an immersive digital fashion show.

Inspired by all-things natural such as rain, wind and the sun, this fashion show was a memorable experience for attendees. The models were featured in a “360 degree immersive installation” that was surrounded by digitized interpretations of the weather. One display featured models surrounded by green “swirls” that represented wind, while another showed them encased in a star-like sphere. The most captivating display was one that featured the models encased in an asymmetrical digital display that showed circular lights and chaotic blue and purple swirls.

This digital fashion show combined fashion with technology in a way that revitalized the fashion show concept.


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Lowe’s : Can you DIY on Snapchat?


Snapchat is becoming an amazing platform by the day. Not only because it has some exciting new features coming up, but mostly because brands seem to have finally discovered how to use it properly. And as a result, we’re seeing some really cool campaigns lately.

In the US, Lowe’s are DIY retail specialists. Together with BBDO, they chose to use Snapchat for their new campaign, and have created a series of DIY projects dubbed “In a Snap”, that make users literally take part in the action.

Playing around with Snapchat Stories, and how you can tap your way through them, Lowe’s invites you on a series of interactive DIY lessons. You will have to hammer down nails, put up kitchen tiles, and maybe even put the kettle on if you have a done a good enough job of it.


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The Museum Of Ice Cream

Located in the Meatpacking District, the pop-up ice cream museum in New York City is all about shared love for ice cream.

(Photo Credit: Museum of Ice Cream)

Occupying 3,000 square feet of ground floor space spanning six rooms, the delectable exhibition features a well-curated list of ice cream makers in New York such as Black Tap, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, and OddFellows Ice Cream Co., some ice cream-inspired art and history too.

Among the highlights are a swimmable rainbow “Sprinkle” Pool featuring enlarged faux sprinkles, a ladder, and a diving board for guests to frolic about; edible balloons; an immersive Chocolate Room that’s essentially a chocolate tunnel leading you to the sprinkle pool; plus a collaborative massive ice cream sundae. There’s also a special area called Tinder Land (co-created by the dating app) that sets up the “ultimate first-date setting” with ice cream scooper seesaw and ice cream sandwich swing, plus a custom app that helps users “discover their true flavor match.”

Many of these highlights are inedible, but the attractions include tastings.Each ticket includes admission plus a Scoop of the Week tasting and Future Food Studio ice cream tasting.

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9 Digital Marketing stats that you need to see

Vertical video, once seen as a Snapchat anomaly, is now gaining traction on Facebook. Illustration: Rob Dobi

The following nine stats in particular caught our eye:

1. The pumpkin spice cometh
Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes have become a fall tradition in Instagram marketing, and this year appears to be no different. On the mobile app, per Spredfast, there have been more than 731,000 posts tagged with #pumpkin—already, two weeks before the autumnal equinox—related to the drink and another 468,000 are labeled with #PSL. Moreover, Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes receive 493 percent more likes per photo than shots tagged with #Starbucks.

2. Halfway to $1 trillion
Advertising will grow to $548.2 billion globally this year, up by $23 billion or 4.4 percent compared with 2015, according to Carat, the Dentsu Aegis-owned media agency.

The growth is primarily being pushed by digital, which will jump far higher than the rest of the marketplace, seeing a year-over-year lift of nearly 16 percent, per Carat’s forecast. The agency, which looked at 59 markets across continents, also predicted that digital advertising will see a year-over-year boost of 14 percent in 2017.

3. A cold, hard cash unicorn
Snapchat will be a big part of that digital explosion, as it will hit nearly $1 billion in ad revenue by the end of 2017, according to eMarketer. The Venice, Calif.,-based company has shown the ad-tech world that millennials and Gen Z consumers prefer vertical video, which will drive the gains eMarketer predicts.

4. Facebook copies Snapchat
And such Snapchat success is exactly why Facebook’s vertical video ads went live one week ago today. Laundry Service jumped on the format for its clients LG, Hennessy and a few others. The agency’s CEO, Jason Stein, told Adweek that the CPM rates were three times “more efficient for vertical video than square video so far.” 

5. Catching up with Spotify
This week’s annual Apple event brought few surprises for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch fans. Though it was interesting to learn that Apple Music had reached 17 million paid subscribers, an increase of 2 million from just a couple months ago. Comparatively, Spotify has roughly 39 million paying subscribers, so Apple still has some catching up to do.

6. Podvertising
Sixty-five percent of listeners said podcast ads increase purchase intent while another 45 percent said that they’re likely to visit an advertiser’s website after hearing an audio promo, per a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Edison Research.

7. AI startups gain traction
Artificial intelligence isn’t just about Microsoft, IBM, Google and Amazon anymore. Case in point: Strike Social. Launched in 2013, the Chicago-based shop expects revenue this year to jump by three times to $100 million compared to last year. It uses artificial intelligence to drive social advertising campaigns that generate bigger engagement and, in theory, greater return on investment.

8. Facebook shows it’s good to be king—but only most of the time
One of the countless insights from the in-depth piece: Industry sources estimate the platform’s right-hand-rail ads have a CPM of $1.08, with 95.8 billion desktop impressions each month. ReviveAds, an ad-block-prevention tool, calculates 15 billion ads were blocked in Q2, costing Facebook $32.4 million in lost inventory each month.

9. Foodies win @social
Food bloggers have four times the number of social media followers compared to other categories in the blogosphere. Check out more of Bloglovin’s research here.

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