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January 2017

Celebratory Sneaker Shop Takeover

The Livestock Nike Air Max Day takeover is an immersive experience that sees the sneaker boutique transformed into an Air Max factory. The festive takeover at the Canadian sneaker retailer’s Toronto outpost is pretty colorful and features a small retrospective on the sneaker and its various models, making for a unique brand exhibition.

The Livestock Nike Air Max Day pop-up will remain open in Toronto over the Easter weekend, from March 23 to 27.

As brands aim to create awareness around brand heritage, many are emerging with immersive spaces dedicated to illuminating the brand experience for consumers. Serving as both brand education and product awareness, the Livestock Nike Air Max Day takeover is an example of how traditional brands can harness the cult power of indie retailers.

Airport Croquet Experience

Situated inside London’s Heathrow Airport, this Pimm’s activation aims to revive the enthusiasm around the traditional English sport. A fun collaboration between Heathrow and Pimm’s, the experience features a sped up version of the game and is boosted by the #CrazyCroquet hashtag that increases social sharing.

With plenty of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ references, white picket fences and bright pink flamingos, the enchanting pop-up bar is sure to leave an impression on international travelers moving through Britain’s busiest airport.

The #CrazyCroquet Pimm’s event will also serve up complimentary cocktails once the of-age passengers complete their 15-minute introductory session. Pimm’s is currently running several unique experiences throughout England



Virtual Hairstyling Programs

French cosmetics company L’Oreal is offering a unique method of teaching hairstylists new tips and tricks and it is called the ‘Matrix Academy.’

The academy was created in affiliation with L’Oreal’s ‘Matrix’ beauty brand and gives hairstylists the freedom to learn from experts without having to spend money, time traveling, or watching 2D YouTube videos. The virtual reality hair salon shows a hairdresser cutting and styling a client’s hair and the video is 360 degrees – allowing viewers to pay attention to every detail. The people taking part in this immersive educational experience are even able to step into the shoes of the hairdresser in order to feel it from their perspective.

This immersive program is offered by L’Oreal for free and can be used by any hairstylist who has, or is willing to invest in, a VR headset.



VR Campus Activation



Having officially kicked off back in October, Facebook’s VR tour is officially in full swing. With events running until the end of January, now is the perfect time for consumers to test out Samsung Gear VR.

Facebook’s VR tour is a nation-wide tour across the US, with events planned at airports, festivals, shopping centers and college campuses. The tour was planned as a way to showcase the future of VR technology and give more consumers an opportunity to experience it for themselves. Those who do give the Samsung Gear VR headsets a try can have a gif of themselves created that can then be shared over social media. The gifs are particularly popular among college-aged students, who are likely to be early adopters of the technology.

The VR tour demonstrates how brands such as Facebook and Samsung can ensure more consumers — especially younger consumers — are aware of the power of VR and how it can enhance the social media experience.



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