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April 2017


Engaging consumers has always been a herculean task for brands and marketers. Today it has become increasingly difficult to impact their choices and decisions, as the modern consumer is both savvy and skeptical when it comes to purchase and brand loyalty.
This paradigm shift in consumer behavior, in the digital era, has given rise to influencer marketing – the fastest way to grow a brand’s consumer base.

But, before partnering with an influencer, it is imperative to understand the Dos and Don’ts when working with them.

While it can be a cost-effective form of marketing and one of the best ways to build brand awareness, Influencer Marketing when done right, produces great impact & greater results!


Problems arise when marketers and brands have no clear objective and strategy. Studies have found that highly targeted and strategic word-of-mouth marketing generates better sales than advertising.

With an increasing number of brands looking at collaborating with influencers or implementing blogger programs, it is always good to know what to look for when selecting the right influencer for your brand / product.


Relevant Profile:

Choosing an influencer whose profile matches your brand/product is the first step in the right direction.

While researching a prospective influencer’s background, bear in mind the following:

– What is his/her online reputation? What are the past successes?

– What type of content is being shared?

– Is he/she engaging with other brands? If so, which ones?

– Do the existing followers resemble your brand’s profile, or do they look like consumers who might use your product/services or tell others about it?

Understanding an influencer’s personal brand will help us decide whether they will fit into your brand culture. It will also help us approach them with a more personal touch—a win-win effort.

Engagement Level:

Selecting someone based only on the number of their online friends or followers can misfire. These days it is easy to increase number of followers and/or likes by just buying them off the shelf.

Thus it is also important to check the influencer’s engagement levels, and percentage of active followers before deciding to collaborate.

Quality of Content:

Brands and marketers should look for quality content written by the influencer, with great engaging photographs or video content they have made on their own.

This content needs to fit in with their profile & theme, and be relevant for followers. In order for a collaboration to be successful, it is important to co-create content that is authentic to your brand, as you do not want content to look promoted and fake and thereby, adding no value to followers.



Treat Influencers unlike real people:

Influencer marketing is all about building relationships with real people. Influencers are living, breathing human beings and not some faceless brand or company. They have feelings too and deserve to be treated like real people.

Their their ideas and insights need to be taken into consideration when creating content, as they know their followers well.

Strike a rapport with them. Treat them like you would treat a friend. Find out what makes them tick, their likes and dislikes.

The most important thing is to involve them in the strategic thinking process – share your objectives and business goals, and give them the creative freedom to come up with an authentic messaging for your brand/campaign.

Influencers who are treated with respect become genuine advocates for the brands they write about.

Have ambiguity when communicating your brief:

Brand and marketers tend to get vague and ambiguous when developing and executing an influencer campaign.

Getting the best results from your influencer depends on simple, clear and concise communication objectives, achievable goals and impact measurement guidelines.

Your briefing document must contain clearly outlined timelines, deliverables, and every information the influencer will need to understand what is required of them.

A good briefing document should also mention the content theme, style and mood boards with set guidelines, so that the influencer can co-create content that aligns with your brand values.

Influencer marketing has massive potential to give your brand the boost it needs, however, a well-planned strategy & well-defined goals teamed with the right influencer will not only increase consumer acquisition, but also raise the credibility and profile of your brand with all key stakeholders.

Influencer marketing makes it possible for brands to connect with consumers, and grow their online presence organically.



Author: Ganesh Iyer

Have you ever considered doing Sweepstakes Marketing?

From Retail Stores to Beauty Brands to FMCG Brands, there are many small and big brands that have used and continue to use Sweepstakes as a part of their marketing mix, successfully. Sweepstakes are a type of contest where one grand prize or multiple smaller spot prizes are given away, to people as part of a marketing campaign. Call it scratch-n-win or raffle draw or the new age ‘digital draws’

  1. It is a great tool to engage with the audience: In addition to increasing the sheer number of people who interact with the brand, a contest provides the means to deepen the connection as well. It gives the brand the needed ‘buzz’ factor
  2. Sweepstakes may be a great way for sponsors to collect fan information during activation or an event leading to data capture that they will be beneficial for future campaigns. It provides valuable Market Research and strengthens the relationship between brand and consumer
  3. With the lure of a prize, many people are prepared to share information as part of the entry process. Remember that what you ask should be commensurate with what you offer in return. In addition to collecting data as part of the entry process, you can also learn a great deal from the interaction and conversation that takes place around your contest, so be sure to listen in
  4. Contests and sweepstakes are lucrative in every market situation, but these have to be planned in advance to be executed successfully
  5. Creating a set of predetermined goals will allow you to determine whether your campaign was successful once it done

Tracking your goals can be in the form of a simple spreadsheet, tracking your progress so far.

Use eye catching imagery to spread awareness and promote the campaign along with call to action.

Depending upon the value of the prize, you may want to consider drawing more than one Winner. Having more than one winner motivates people to enter as it increases the chances of winning.  Even instant winners is a big draw

When choosing the Duration of your sweepstakes, keep a few things in mind –  If you run it for a short period of time, less people will have a chance to enter. If you run it for too long, people will may lose interest or forget about the contest. It’s worth testing different time periods for your contest to identify what works best for your audience.

To take it one step further brands are now jumping on the ‘video content’ bandwagon as video contests are predicted to lead the sweepstake trend this year.

One of our brands recently executed a contest that asked fans to create 30 seconds videos explaining how they will help create a better world as part of the campaign. Now that’s a contest to engage customers.

Given the continual rise of social media and Google’s ever-changing algorithm, quality content play an integral role in these activities especially for companies looking to leverage the interweb as an effective marketing and communications channel.

Fortunately, contests that rely on user-generated content can help companies rapidly scale and promote original content in a fun ways that benefits both you and your audience.

Besides great content this can result in long-term relationships with your audience and customers as well.

Here is an example of a Sweepstakes contest done right.

Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Should Be Shared” contest on Facebook hit the branding bull’s-eye. They ran a fill-in-the-blank contest with photos. They asked their Fans to tell them why they think their friend “represents Real Beauty,” by filling in their friend’s name and two things that make them beautiful.

Prize – In keeping with their brand, they did not offer an iPad, or extravagant prizes. The winners got to become the next faces of Dove.

This is a brilliantly-branded campaign. Not only does Dove get a real, genuine face for further in-store marketing campaigns, but their brand is further associated with real people sharing – making their slogan more than just words.

If you do it right with a creative angle, Sweepstakes can be a tactic that can be effective and can give the results that you are looking for with a small price tag.

And lastly, don’t forget to take necessary approvals to run the activity.


Author: Ganesh Iyer

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