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August 2017

Multi-Sensory Beverage Pop-Ups

While most beverage pop-ups put a premium on spotlighting the taste of a product, the Perrier Flavor Studios pop-up in New York City aims to engage all of a visitor’s five senses.

The limited-time pop-up boasts a mocktail bar, live music, an interactive art stations and even a ball pit to dive into. In partnership with artist AKACorleone, Perrier is giving fans the chance to print pieces of custom art straight onto tote bags. At the pop-up, those in attendance are invited to sample the newest sparkling water flavors from Perrier, including Perrier Strawberry and Perrier Watermelon.

Multi-sensory pop-ups have become staples for brands across multiple industries that are interested in captivating a consumer’s senses and creating long-lasting memories via scent, sight, touch, sound and taste.



Gaming App Pop-Up Cafes

Hosted over a two-day period in London’s Soho neighborhood during June 2017, the Candy Crush Cafe is a clever interactive brand activation where guests were able to play a board game version of the popular gaming app. In addition to playing the board game version of Candy Crush, the pop-up cafe also served a variety of game-themed food and drinks and was accessible to individuals 18 years of age and older.

The Candy Crush Cafe in London served up game-themed cocktails, wines, beers and soft drinks, while sweets were available from London bakery Mary Lou’s Bakehouse in the form of rainbow cakes and cupcakes topped with giant lollipops, striped candy and popping candy. The pop-up also featured a roaming DJ and offered over five floors of adult-sized games.





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