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February 2019

Diversity in modeling agencies

In modern days, society is becoming more accepting of cultural and racial differences and appreciates individualism more. This change in society can be seen in the modelling industry too on account of the many different nationalities of models within different modelling agencies.

Appeal to more audience

Diversity in modelling agencies has numerous benefits both for the companies and for the models. Models don’t have to worry about being rejected from a modelling agency as a result of their race. One of the benefits of having a diverse unit of models for the agencies is that is presents a good image and audiences are left with the impression that the agency is accepting and doesn’t discriminate. In addition, having diverse models is good for the agency because there is a higher number of people that it appeals to. More people would support the modelling agency due to pride that their nationality is being represented.

Avoiding reintroduction of Racism

Furthermore, the fashion industry has a big impact on society’s perception of ‘beauty’ and who we value as people. If modelling agencies were to only accept people of certain nationalities, other nationalities would be ignored and feel unworthy; children would grow up with this feeling of inferiority and of being ‘unsatisfactory’. Racism would be reintroduced as a result because people of other nationalities would be perceived as less valuable and the nationalities that are deemed ‘acceptable’ would feel superior. With this in mind, it is likely that they would try to exercise their ‘authority’.

Diversity in modelling increases people’s self-confidence

Diversity in modelling is also a benefit to people because it gives them hope. These days, models of all different shapes and sizes are accepted in modelling agencies around the world. When people see this, they feel content with themselves because they believe that if a plus-size person, for example, is accepted by a modelling agency, they can be accepted by society too. This would cause a decrease in depression because many people become depressed as a result of their discontent with their bodily appearances.

Overall, people are more likely to support modeling agencies that promote a message of equality and that appreciates differences. This is also clear in the Dove campaign for ‘real women’ which increased sales by 600% in 2 months.




Marketing trends to look forward to in 2019

New year, new trends! As each year passes, old trends become less effective and customers gravitate towards new marketing strategies. This new year, 2019, already seems promising with new strategies that are sure to grab the attention of customers and successfully promote your business.

Building a relationship between consumers and sellers

  • First and foremost, just like in previous years, businesses need to think about their target audience. Targeting people that are more likely to be interested in the product or service that a business has to offer is much more cost-efficient as sales are more guaranteed than when there is no specific target audience. Additionally, consumers want to feel important and value a trustworthy and genuine relationship with the sellers.

Importance of content

  • Furthermore, content is essential. As before, businesses need to appeal to the consumer’s emotions, stimulating excitement about the product or service being offered. Businesses need to engage consumers and encourage them to share the product. Content should also be ‘product-specific’, providing consumers with the advantages and disadvantages of the product in comparison to that of the competition.

Marketing in the age of AI

  • As time goes on, technology is advancing and artificial intelligence is becoming more well-known. AI helps to improve data analysis and performs tasks which would be time-consuming for humans. Many things in modern technology contain AI without us even noticing. Artificial intelligence is able to recognize patterns within consumers and make recommendations to suggest what the consumer might be more interested in. AI is becoming more prominent in marketing and, as it continues to develop, businesses can make use of it to improve the promotion of their product or services.

The rise of Voice Search

  • Similarly, trends and social experiments seem to suggest that voice searching is becoming more distinguished. Consumers find it a lot easier to be able to simply tell a device to search for something and immediately get back a response. Businesses should be ready to use voice searches more frequently to promote their brand.

Plan and organize an event better in 2019

Every year brings new changes and new trends in most aspects of life, including events. Along with the new year comes many new event trends which will generate highly prosperous events.

Use of technology with event organization

There are many factors that affect the success of an event and organization is possibly the most crucial. Technology plays an important role in this generation and provides many beneficial enhancements to ensure that an event runs smoothly and guests have optimal enjoyment. Guest management can make events more time-efficient and ensure that there is no delay in the event causing inconvenience for the guests. Some events have security lists and are only available for certain people. Facial recognition can be used to make these events more secure as the security device will only accept people known on the security lists. Furthermore, it saves time and money as no humans are needed to be employed for the job.


Choosing Venues wisely

Moreover, venues with historical or unique stories behind them prove to be in high demand. These venues are more valuable to planners and are good for marketing as audiences seem to be interested in a venue with a special meaning or story. This attracts audiences as they become more intrigued by what the event and venue have to offer and, therefore, makes the events more appealing.

Creating an interesting event agenda/program

Possibly the most important part of an event is the planning; without a proper plan, the success of your event is less certain. Planners need to remember the purpose of the event and consider what would appeal to the guests of the event – their target audience. In addition, hiring on-demand staff can make the event more time-efficient and, therefore, increase the satisfaction of the guests as waiting for long periods of time tends to make guests agitated.

Overall, following these tips and better planning or organizing an event in 2019 will ensure that your event is successful and guests are highly satisfied with its quality.

Consumer vs Shopper Marketing

We live in an age where the customer is king.

Marketers are constantly adapting their efforts according to the consumer’s evolvement in order to effectively engage with them and maintain brand loyalty. The difference in the way the consumer is perceived at the various stages across the decision-making and buying process is what brings rise to the question,

 How does this affect the marketing approach and process?

When it is the consumer that is being targeted, the marketer is aiming to influence the person that is purchasing the goods/services for personal use. Marketing efforts in the past have been concentrated on understanding the consumer and how they behave. However, marketers have now come to understand that a consumer can be influenced while they are in the process of shopping, in-store. Hence giving rise to the concept of ‘Shopper Marketing.’

What is shopper marketing?

Shopper marketing is defined as “understanding how one’s target consumers behave as shoppers in different channels” It is a last-minute appeal to consumers, that tries to make an immediate impact on them during the purchasing process. On the other hand, consumer marketing is based on consumer rates, where retailers and manufacturers analyze data of purchases along with other data to determine their strategy and campaign, trying to make it as effective to the audience as possible.

Brands work to catch the eye of both the consumer and the shopper. They focus on shopper marketing in terms of understanding the consumer’s emotional decision-making process and consumer marketing in terms of getting their consideration set.

Consumers and shoppers may be the same person but can think differently.

Image result for consumer vs shopper marketing


Pantone’s color of the year

Related image

From the year 2000, The Pantone Color Institute has been choosing a ‘color of the year’. This decision comes after a lot of discussions and the institute draws on trend observations from various industries such as the travel, fashion, design, and entertainment and events industry.

What is the impact of ‘color of the year?’

Invariably, the hue chosen becomes vastly influential and influences decisions across product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including the event industry. It affects areas of fashion, home furnishings, and product, packaging, and graphic design.

What is colour of 2019?

Pantone announced “Living Coral” as its 2019 Color of the Year describing it as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” Living Coral is restructured to be fresh, not orange, not peach, but instead, according to the celebrated Pantone Institute, the color of a vibrant sunset.

We suggest that event planners must propose the use of this color across their design elements, to their prospective clients so as to be trendy. We recommend pairing Living Coral with foundation colors such as charcoal gray, white, taupe and even brown for great use of the color.

2019 fashion predictions

It is that time of the year, where every girl is starting to think about the style statements she wishes to make over the upcoming year. After all, a brand new year is perfect to adopt some new styles and put your best foot forward. We have rounded up 4 things that are going to be an absolute fashion must-have in 2019!

  1. TIE-DYE

This 90’s trend is making a comeback and how! This pattern has already been spotted on designs by R13 to Proenza Schouler to Stella McCartney. Designers are using tie-die patterns on multitude of unexpected items like blazers, button-ups and boiler suits. Oh hello, nostalgia!

2. Biker Shorts

Leopard Print Biker Shorts

Athleisure is in! Biker shorts the new fashion staple, the latest craze to sweep both the runways and street style! They can be worn everywhere from running errands to a girls’ night out. They’re the perfect off-duty wear, yet you can pair them with a blazer for a more formal look. It truly is a versatile piece of clothing you just cannot miss to buy!

3. Bamboo Bags

Image result for bamboo bag

This bag has made it’s presence felt in stores of many high-end designer labels already. It will instantly add a chic vibe to your ensemble.  This bag can add polish to just about any outfit, from relaxed weekend wear to sleek office attire.

4. Tortoise Jewelry

Image result for tortoise print jewellery

According to Pinterest, one of the top accessories for 2019 is predicted to be tortoise earrings. Tortoise Jewelry is a timeless patterned material which is going to be a big hit in the coming year!  It is a perfect accessory whether you are pairing it for a chic day look or a glitzy night look.



Looking back at 2018

In today’s day and age, social media platforms have become a healthy ground for digital marketing. It has been an equally strong method of marketing, with many advantages:

  1. Allowing brands to easily track the interesting audience using insights
  2. Know their followership country
  3. Building a stronger bond with their customers.

That being said, 2018 has been a great digital marketing year with many interesting and out of the box campaigns that definitely left a mark. Consequently, digital marketing now has a leading position on the map. It is expected that it will become more and more significant by 2019.

Let’s take a look at 2 key events in 2018: –


  1. IHOB – One of the most creative activations in 2018 was the IHOP incident (or should we say IHOb!). The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) changed their name to IHOb and then later announced that it was fake to create a buzz and promote their new line of burgers. As a result of this sudden announcement, people were curious and reacted positively to the campaign, trying to find out what the change from ‘P’ to ‘b’ could possibly mean. Moreover, they came up with even more creative ideas about it. This caused a 6.77% increase in their mentions.



  1. Redbull- Their goal was to increase awareness of the extension of the brand . Their Instagram campaign was based on boosting awareness and sales of their tropical flavored “Summer Edition” energy drink for the Australian market. They paved the way for their actual campaign with a promotional teaser just before the summer hit. To get audiences focused on the new look of the cans, they incorporated yellow filters across a range of images and videos portraying typical summer days. The brand was twice as likely to be associated with the #thissummer hashtag trend as any of its nearest competitors.

There’s a massive market for campaigns launched on social media sites, and the power Instagram can create exceptional engagement.

All in all, social media campaigns have become an essential tool to increase brand awareness. Many businesses also use social media to attract new customers, as well as increase customer loyalty. Its importance lies in the fact that it is one of the fastest growing industries nowadays, and the best way to increase brand visibility.





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