In modern days, society is becoming more accepting of cultural and racial differences and appreciates individualism more. This change in society can be seen in the modelling industry too on account of the many different nationalities of models within different modelling agencies.

Appeal to more audience

Diversity in modelling agencies has numerous benefits both for the companies and for the models. Models don’t have to worry about being rejected from a modelling agency as a result of their race. One of the benefits of having a diverse unit of models for the agencies is that is presents a good image and audiences are left with the impression that the agency is accepting and doesn’t discriminate. In addition, having diverse models is good for the agency because there is a higher number of people that it appeals to. More people would support the modelling agency due to pride that their nationality is being represented.

Avoiding reintroduction of Racism

Furthermore, the fashion industry has a big impact on society’s perception of ‘beauty’ and who we value as people. If modelling agencies were to only accept people of certain nationalities, other nationalities would be ignored and feel unworthy; children would grow up with this feeling of inferiority and of being ‘unsatisfactory’. Racism would be reintroduced as a result because people of other nationalities would be perceived as less valuable and the nationalities that are deemed ‘acceptable’ would feel superior. With this in mind, it is likely that they would try to exercise their ‘authority’.

Diversity in modelling increases people’s self-confidence

Diversity in modelling is also a benefit to people because it gives them hope. These days, models of all different shapes and sizes are accepted in modelling agencies around the world. When people see this, they feel content with themselves because they believe that if a plus-size person, for example, is accepted by a modelling agency, they can be accepted by society too. This would cause a decrease in depression because many people become depressed as a result of their discontent with their bodily appearances.

Overall, people are more likely to support modeling agencies that promote a message of equality and that appreciates differences. This is also clear in the Dove campaign for ‘real women’ which increased sales by 600% in 2 months.