Most event planners will choose a city based on reputation, and then select one of its major hotels or convention centers to satisfy all their venue requirements.

With more and more offsite venues providing unique experiences for conferences and events, it may be time to rethink this routine. Why not consider what venues a city has to offer before landing on it as your destination of choice?

Think outside the box. Business events aren’t just for hotels and conference centers anymore. Libraries, museums, sports facilities, and even zoos are getting in on the action.  With the right mix of venues, your guests can enjoy the best a city has to offer without missing a single networking opportunity.


 Pick Your Area Of Interest To Find The Right Venues

If you want your attendees to leave with stories, they’ll be sharing for years to come, pick venues that will add a dash of recreation to the agenda.

Think like a tourist, but research like an event professional. What places would you like to visit if you were on vacation? Are any of these facilities available to rent? Will these venues give your attendees lasting memories and a flavor for the city?

Start by narrowing down the general areas of interest that are most likely to engage your target demographic. Some ideas to consider include:

Arts, Culture, and Innovation

Museums and Heritage Sites

Sports and Outdoor Activities

Once you’ve laid out some options, look into what types of meetings they can accommodate. Forward-thinking cities are starting to recognize that opening the door to business opportunities creates a win-win situation: clients like you are not only enjoying the city’s most treasured institutions but reinvesting in them.

In conclusion, If you want to surprise your guests with the unexpected, offsite venues can add a whole new dimension to the experience. When choosing a city for your next event, remember that there are options beyond run-of-the-mill conference centers and hotel facilities.



Source Inspiration: Eventbrite Blogs