Nearly every company that markets to consumers employs some type of field marketing. Some tools that are being used are – product sampling, live events, road shows and demo, sales push/ consultancy. Industries that employ this type of marketing include FMCG, Electronics, F&B, Health & Beauty, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Beverages, Tobacco and  Banks among others

The point of sale mainly depends on the nature of the goods and the type of the customers the brand is trying to reach out to. Another main factor is the vicinity of the business in terms of the customer and also which stage of the buying decision process, the consumer is in.

Here are the major areas you can target, in order to go where the customer is and reach them at the right time while they are making a decision to buy the product.

  • Hyper Markets/ Super Markets/ Malls – In store promotions are the best when the customer base is already on location to buy a related product. For example- If the consumer is in the ‘Detergents’ section of a supermarket and is looking for a product, a promoter promoting the product ‘Tide’ can have a major influence on the consumer to buy the product.
  • Street promotions – Street promotions involve sending teams into crowded areas to distribute flyers, coupons, incentive cards, or other promotional items. Ideally the promotion has some tie-in to the event that has drawn the crowd. It could be in a community area, hi-street, event/ concert/ parks. This type of promotion focuses more on the interaction with the brand which contributes to the experience.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAjoAAAAJGZkY2Q1MGNlLTcyMmItNDUwNi1iZTAxLTFhMGU5ZmNjY2U4OA
  • University/ Schools – The college student market is massive and businesses have started focusing their marketing efforts on college campuses.  You can successfully offer any product provided that it fits within a limited budget. Red Bull is one of the many brands that has successfully marketed using paid student brand managers.
  • Beach – Consumers come out to the beach to have a pleasant experience and associate this experience with the brand. Given there are ideal weather conditions for the crowd, the beach can be used to market specific products like lifestyle products, health& beauty products like sunscreen and products that are closely related to the experience
  • Home/ Offices – An office consists of the working population who has disposable income. Ideally, premium products like perfumes or food and beverages can be marketed in an office and home is where consumers are at leisure to talk

Happy Marketing!!

Author: Ganesh Iyer